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Edimensional 3D Glasses Review


I ordered the glasses via the webiste and within two days they were shipped from America and arrived at my doorstep in the UK in perfect condition.


Actually plugging in the glasses to the dongle was very simple, the instructions were simple to follow.

I installed these drivers with ease, I had no problems whatsoever , in fact.I now had to configure the stereo effects and refresh rates for your glasses. This was confusing at first though then is simple and important as it controlls how the contrast and 3Dness for differnent aplications.

Playing Flight Simulator 2002/2004 and other games:

Flight Simulator 2004 looks fantastic, you have to see it to believe it! There is a vision of 3D to the game, but it seems to give more of a feel of distance and depth, which really does make you feel as your there. For instance the panel is very close and the everything outside the window looks as if its miles away.

The clouds in Flight Simulator 2004 are even better, I spend ages just staring at a thunderstorm cloud in amazement.The rain effects and snow truly fantastic.

These glasses work on Flight Simulator 2000 and 2002! In fact they work on most games, so you can be sure they will work on your other games. I tried WW2 Figthers with the glasses and found it amazing.

How do they work?

The E-D software and drivers automatically convert the images on your monitor into a left and right perspective. Each image flickers back and forth so fast on your monitor that it is not noticeable to the human eye. Working synergistically with our advanced active glasses, the flickering of each image is precisely timed with flickering of the left and right lens of the glasses, again faster than can be perceived. Thus, stereovision as it pertains to viewing a virtual world means that you have the capability to produce two separate images and that each eye sees only one of the two images. If this is done correctly, your mind will combine the two images in such a way that you actually have the perception of being "in" the virtual world rather than just viewing a picture of the virtual world. This adds a level of realism and immersion to games, web sites, and other images that is otherwise unattainable. In addition to perceiving depth "into" the monitor it is also possible to make objects appear to come "out of" the monitor. Almost all fairly recent computers and games come pre-equipped with the necessary tools for proper viewing.

Wearing the glasses:

The glasses site nicely on my face, they are very light weight, and you could quite easily where them for hours.

Can I wear them over my prescription glasses? Yes you can, I wear prescription glasses and they site nicely under them.


The first thing to remember is that if you are using Windows 2000/XP, be sure you have an NVIDIA based card, of it will not work. Like I said previously, the glasses are well constructed and are comfortable at first.

Also notice 3D images on computers are not perfected. As good as they look; they are still a little blurry but thatís not to say they donít look unbelievable. The 3D images are amazing, and will definitely add some spice to some of your favorite titles. Iíd say if you want 3D, then these glasses are the best thing on the market, hands down.

Overall, eDimensional glasses offer excellent 3D, and the $69.00 price tag is pretty reasonable especially compared to 3D monitors which cost in excess of $1500! I really liked them better than the 3D monitor, but I donít know how much I will really use them. For you this might be different, but this is just how I feel. The glasses are also said to work with DVD titles, you just need to purchase additional software to witness this (which I did not). To sum it up, if youíre looking to add a little zing to some computer favorites, these 3D glasses will deliver.

E-D Wired Glasses

Click on the image to Buy or read more reviews.

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Published on: 2004-05-13 (40367 reads)

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