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Airnav Live Flight Tracker 3

If you love aviation and live in America, Canada then this is the program for you. (and even the world).

What it does:

Flight Tracking
All USA and Canada flights in real-time (other regions also included)
Real-time access to METAR/TAF/FAA Airport Status
Minute by minute flight data updates
View photos of tracked aircraft
DDE Connection with AirNav ACARS Decoder New
Link to FAA's Aircraft Registration Database New

Actual Data:

Flight Data is around 200Kb and it updates every minute. Ever minute seems to give you a good bit of detail on the aircraft route and you don't seem to miss out on certain things. Not only is there Commercial Flights but also General Aviation Flights, so you can check the flights at your local training airport.

Airport Information:

This is one the best parts of the program. Firstly you are shown the Flight Information for the certain airport, this includes arrival and departures. (Shown in picture).

This is great if you live near airport or when tracking to know how busy the airport is. The next section is Weather. This includes a real time METAR and then a decoded version, also a TAF. You have all the information just like a real ATC.

If you have the Pro Version you will also have Airport Status. This is page about the status of airport, which includes departure, arrival delays and also destination delays. This is great to check when there is a bad weather around, as you can see how it is affected the flights.


The map has immense detail which makes a brilliant to track each aircraft. The maps include urban areas, cities, state roads, interstates, railroads and elevation! For the whole of America. This means you can be certain exactly where an aircraft is at that moment.

Not only that, but all the VORs, NBDs and Fixes can be shown. You can end with a very detailed map. This is great to see what routes the flights are taking and whether they are in a holding pattern.

Nexrad is amazing; itís like having your weather radar in your room. The overlay is placed on to the map and you seen where the precipitation is and where it is at is heaviest. The data is updated every two minutes and is accurate. This is one of the best features and itís interesting to see whether flights change there routes round certain weather or they brave it out.

You also have Quick Map function which means you can easily view certain areas of America and the Atlantic without having to zoom in.


The software also gets the positions of flights across the Atlantic, so you can watch them slowly cross. This great to see the NATs in use, you will be surprised How busy it is.


Also you can bring up pictures of the aircraft you clicked on, the program uses airliners.net vast database so youíre very likely to get a picture of the exact plane.

Get all this information by just clicking on the flight

Flight Detail:

When clicking over a flight you are shown a large amount of data. Firstly you Flight Number, Company, Origin, Destination, Weather at Destination. The altitude, heading and time left to destination are also shown. If available you are also the shown the aircraft type. What else do you need?

Some flights are blocked, these are the general aviation flights which have asked to have there flight Number blocked. These flights still appear and they have all the information except the Flight Number.

One of the great features is that clicking on some Flights and selecting Flight Plan have there Flight Plan shown in the map. This great to see what exact route they are taking.

Flight Search:

ANLV has in-depth search feature which means you can search for aircraft of a certain type, company, airport, flight id. This means you if are only interested in a certain airport you can the map showing only the flights which are departing or arriving or both!

You also have a Flight List; this contains all the flights in-Flight, Planned, Landed. This is brilliant to check whether a flight is already landed and also whether a flight has planned to takeoff.

Fleet Watch is another Feature which means you can watch a certain fleet when you know there registrations. This means you can see a certain Airline Companies aircraft on the map only.

Nexrad Data Showing storms across Florida


I decided to test it with Live ATC and I logged onto Boston Approach. At first I was lost of where the aircraft were on the map, because I had zoomed in too much. Once I zoomed out I was able to identify the aircraft on the ATC and also watch them carry out the instructions by ATC which was amazing.

ANAD Connection:

ANLV also has a connection with ANAD (Airnav ACARS decoder). If you receive a flight in ANAD that is being showed on ANLV the active flight of this program will automatically change to the flight being received on ANAD (the flight turns white). Meaning you can track the flight in ANLV so you see where it is at; this useful is seeing how far you can receive acars messages from.


ANLV is a very powerful program giving so much detail that it feels like you are the ATC at the airports. There is a huge wealth of information from the weather, flight plans to the FAA registry that you will spend ages just clicking on random flights to find out where they are going and whether they have any bad weather ahead.

If you are living under a flight path then this program is a dream come true, link up with some ATC and you have the whole experience. One of the best features is that it is not only the commercial jets which are shown but also the general aviation aircraft.

This is a great product overall giving you tons of features for a great price!

Overall Score 10/10 - A must Buy !!

Reviewed by Akbar Sherwani

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Published on: 2004-08-14 (38576 reads)

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