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Flight Sim
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·F8F Bearcat From Vertigo Studios
·Copenhagen X Released
·Aerosoft Releases Mosastir X
·Aerosoft Releases US Cities X: New Orleans
·Classics Hangar Fw 190 A
·GoFlight releases new software drivers
·PMDG MD-11 Out Now
·OZx Releases FlyMexico Photoreal Freeware
·Orbx Releases An FTX Airport

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 3D Wireless Glasses, A must! 3D Wired Glasses, A must!

3D Wireless Glasses Only! $99.95, £64.95, €94.95 -------- 3D Wired Glasses Only! $69.95, £44.95, €64.95

If flight sims give you goose bumps, this will give you cardiac arrest..." Step inside the cockpit and experience a flight simulation unlike anything you've ever seen. Line up for your approach as the runway materializes right in front of your eyes with the buildings, airport vehicles, other planes, beacons, mountains far off in the distance...It's like having a jumbo jet in your living room! The best 3-D graphics EVER, or your money back!
Click on the Product you want now!

"You could see the buildings, trees, and other objects very distinctly. You are not just looking at your monitor, you are seeing through it. Very interesting effect indeed. It also gives you a better idea of your height with relation to the ground and enhances the feeling of actually being in a cockpit. I didn't notice any apparent loss of frame rate with the 3D effect on. Everything seemed to appear smooth and fluid."


Only ! $119.55, £76.95, €109.95 Click the product pic to buy

One of the great things about the PC is the way its components are often used in a manner they were not originally designed for. Take the NaturalPoint trackIR for example: originally designed to assist people with disabilities, it now looks like to be the hot now item for simulation fans.

The trackIR functions as a replacement for your mouse. Tilting your head upwards moves the mouse cursor upwards, rotating your head left makes it move left, and so on. The unit consists of a Webcam sized infra-red camera that sits on top of your monitor and the user attaches a reflective dot approximately 5mm wide with a sticky backing to their forehead. There are 40 of these dots included in the box, which should last you over a year, and replacements are available for pittance.

The speed at which the cursor moves is fully configurable, and has several different modes of operation. We fired up IL-2 as this game has a full virtual cockpit with mouse look, which means you can pan your pilot’s view around the cockpit with your mouse.

After 30 minutes of toying with the settings, we had the device working perfectly. The result was the closest thing to a true VR experience we’ve ever had on the PC. Tracking bogies became incredibly simple and intuitive; the need to use the game’s padlocking mode became obsolete. With the mouse speed set to its fastest, a small rotation of the head to the other side meant that checking your six became nearly instantaneous. Situational awareness improved tenfold, although there was a slight problem with keeping the view perfectly centered forwards when it came time to let loose with the guns. When it comes to simulations that feature a virtual cockpit with mouse look, the trackIR is the ultimate view control system; both effective and simple to use with the added bonus of a very reasonable asking price.


Only ! $79.95, £55.95 (including professional headset), Click the product pic to buy


Hold onto your yokes, flightsimmers because Voice Buddy will blow you away! It's the first truly interactive, voice control system for FS2004 and FS2002 that actually works and is a snap to install and run. The headset is amazing and flying with this interactive voice controlled virtual co-pilot is very cool. Now that I've tried it, I'll never leave the ground without my Voice Buddy flying the right-hand seat.

This is the most exhilarating experience I've ever had! I will be singing your praises everywhere I go about this software, it was as close as I could ever get to being in the cockpit of a 747!! Just keep up the great work you really have something here, I wish you all nothing but success with this!! FANTASTIC!! Kind regards and more humble Mr. M George

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy the Voice Buddy program. This is the BEST voice recognition program for flight simulation I have ever used. This is a TOP QUALITY product and I enjoy using it. I will continue to buy more products from you in the future. Your company is very innovative and on the cutting edge. Thanks for a great product. Best Regards, Paul Blair Jr

More to Come soon!!

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Published on: 2004-05-13 (45001 reads)

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