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Welcome to the new site, much more free Flight Simulator downloads, faster and more reviews, help pages and more. Tell us what you think of the new site by emailing us or by leaving a message in the forums.

  F8F Bearcat From Vertigo Studios
Posted by akzah on Sunday, September 26 @ 14:05:34 PDT (8139 reads)
Flight Sim UK based Vertigo Studios has released their fourth WWII aircraft, the F8F Bearcat. Built for FSX SP2 and Acceleration, the Bearcat has a highly detailed virtual cockpit complete with 3d gauges, authentic textures and a whole range of historically-accurate features. Watch and listen as countless animations and sound effects bring the mighty R-2800 radial engine to life. Fly fast paced bombing missions or fire rockets and machine guns at the enemy whilst the accurate flight dynamics adapt to the ever-changing situation!

A configuration editor is provided in-game to allow the F8F to be totally customised and readied for any mission! Ammunition can be loaded by the round, with each unit affecting the weight individually. Weights are accurate to the weapon type, with cannon rounds weighing more than the machine gun! Every object configured via the editor will affect the weight and performance of the F8F in real-time. Rockets and bombs can be deployed with a realistic after-effects being exerted upon the aeroplane. The free Manual is now available from Vertigo Studios, the release following 12 months of research and detailed modeling includes 6 liveries, visit the Vertigo Studios hanger for complete details , screencaptures and a look at the free POH available from the Vertigo Studios website.

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  Copenhagen X Released
Posted by akzah on Sunday, September 26 @ 14:04:47 PDT (6784 reads)
Flight Sim Copenhagen Airport (KÝbenhavns Lufthavn, Kastrup), is the major airport serving Copenhagen, Denmark and the other cities within the Oresund Region, and located on the island Amager 8 kilometers south of Copenhagen city center. It is the biggest airport in Scandinavia, and the airport is the main hub out of three used by Scandinavian Airlines System. Copenhagen Airport serves nearly 60,000 passengers per day, and 21.5 million passengers passed through the facility in 2008, making it the busiest airport in the Scandinavian, and number 17 in Europe.

This new scenery from Scansim provides a detailed scenery without sacrificing good framerates. This package features the complete Airport built in Gmax with photorealistic ground textures (Summer/Winter/Night variation ) in a sensational resolution up to 0.6m/pixel (FSX). The scenery features exact coastlines, mesh and a completely new designed airport in Gmax located 100% exactly. This add-on also includes dynamic apron traffic, as well as road traffic in the vicinity of the airport. In addition it also features a detailed AFCAD for AI traffic, makes it a lively and highly realistic airport to fly to.

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  Aerosoft Releases Mosastir X
Posted by akzah on Sunday, September 13 @ 13:29:54 PDT (7339 reads)
Flight Sim Tunesia is a proud Northern African nation and also a major tourist destination and well known to millions of sunseekers. Monastir is the centre of that tourist trade, with its beaches and fine hotels. Monastir H. Bourguiba Airport is a remake of the one Aerosoft had for FS2004 and updates the airport to the current status in full FSX glory. Monastir X is designed to be very easy on the framerates and a perfect first add-on for people who have never bought an add-on online. Monastir is one of the most popular destination for Western Europe tourists and hundreds of thousands of our potential customers know this airport from their visits this summer. Mosastir X
(Read More... | Score: 3.5)

  Aerosoft Releases US Cities X: New Orleans
Posted by akzah on Sunday, September 13 @ 13:28:54 PDT (7141 reads)
Flight Sim Aerosoft has released US Cities X: New Orleans, the third city after Indianapolis and San Francisco in this series. Not only does it cover the city with high resolution textures but it also includes all buildings in the center and thousands of correctly placed autogen buildings are included. The five heliports are all usable and the project also includes new high definition ground textures for the nearby airports. The scenery is complemented with sounds, road traffic and even animated paddle steamers. By the way, Aerosoft has also upped their AES to version 2.04 which includes new airports covered (Aerosoft Monastir X, Nice X, Tegel, Luebeck and Luxembourg plus many airports by FranceVFR) there are also improvements in the gate menu so you can see what status all the services are in at that moment. New Orleans
(Read More... | Score: 4.5)

  Classics Hangar Fw 190 A
Posted by akzah on Sunday, March 08 @ 12:51:28 PDT (8957 reads)
Flight Sim Classics Hangar releases it's first project for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the Fw 190 A with the four early production variants of the WW II Luftwaffe's second major fighter aircraft, the Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4. The package consists of 9 different model variations and 34 liveries, recreating the early operational history of this legendary German fighter aircraft. Founding members of the Groundcrew Design Group Mathias Pommerien and Alessandro Biagi have teamed up for this project with Master Aerofile Designer Greg Pierson of AvHistory.org to bring the best possible Warbirds experience to the passionate PC Pilot. For a look at some screenshots and further information visit the Classics Hanger. http://www.classics-hangar.de/
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  GoFlight releases new software drivers
Posted by akzah on Sunday, March 08 @ 12:50:23 PDT (8348 reads)
Flight Sim GoFlight Inc is proud to announce the release of a new support software, version 1.81.GF Config is a convenient application that lets you assign a wide variety of avionics, instrument panel, autopilot, and other functions to your GoFlight hardware. It automatically detects installations of Microsoft Flight Sim 2002, Flight Sim 2004, and Flight Sim X on your system. The new software supports all GoFlight products including the EFIS module. A total of 16 modules are now supported. This release is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. The GoFlight FSX Data Bridge is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X w/Service Pack 1A and later. For more information visit GoFlight website http://www.goflightinc.com/order/index.php
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  PMDG MD-11 Out Now
Posted by akzah on Sunday, October 19 @ 08:03:58 PDT (11495 reads)
Flight Sim Perhaps one of the most eagerly awaited add-ons by one of the communities most prolific commercial development team, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 has been released by PMDG Simulations . Born out of airline requirements for a "modern new DC-10" the MD-11 is a superb example of aircraft engineering from the era when modern computer processing power was beginning to bring truly new ideas, safety and capability to the cockpit of transport airplanes. Highly automated and employing innovative new approaches to the pilot/airplane interface, the MD-11 took the McDonnell Douglas wide body line into the future with fully automated flight modes, aircraft system status pages, failure consequence displays and clearly thought out pilot controls. Over four years of development, dedication, and skill have went into faithfully capturing the nuance, feel and character of this great airliner to a degree of detail never before seen in desktop simulation. During each step of the development process, every facet of the PMDG MD-11 is validated in the training simulator to ensure it has been modelled correctly, right down to the finest detail. Head directly to PMDG Simulations to grab yours... http://www.precisionmanuals.com/
(Read More... | Score: 3.66)

  OZx Releases FlyMexico Photoreal Freeware
Posted by akzah on Sunday, October 19 @ 08:02:58 PDT (9397 reads)
Flight Sim OZx has released the photoreal scenery of Mexico City and surroundings! For the first time, and for free, you have the opportunity to fly above a very interesting and a very big area of Mexico. The photoreal technique that has been used to realize the scenery includes animated water for all the areas, swimming pools included.... the resolution of the scenery is 1m/pixel, almost the maximum we can obtain now, and it runs with FSX SP2 only. For the moment the scenery hasn't got autogen and you can fly only in the daylight. These features will be available in the next version, but OZx are sure that you will enjoy this first version of the scenery. http://www.aussiex.org/index/download.php?view.155
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  Airbus Freezes Output Rise But Says Demand Strong
Posted by akzah on Sunday, October 19 @ 08:01:40 PDT (8895 reads)
Aviation European planemaker Airbus has suspended plans to increase its passenger jet production due to the global financial crisis, a spokesman said on Wednesday, confirming a newspaper report. Airbus produces 36 single-aisle aircraft and 10 wide-body A330/A340 aircraft a month and had planned to boost this to 40 and 11 respectively by 2010 to keep pace with record order backlogs. But doubts have been raised over the production rate as some airline customers defer or cancel orders due to the combined effects of the credit squeeze and high fuel prices. "We are leaving production where it is for the time being until market conditions improve," the spokesman said. Airbus sales chief John Leahy told the Wall Street Journal earlier that it had been forced to re-examine its production plans due to the deteriorating global financial situation. "But we still have very strong demand, and we are confident that these aircraft are needed," the paper quoted him as saying. In July, Airbus chief executive Tom Enders said he would review production levels of the A320 single-aisle aircraft family later in the year. Production at rival Boeing meanwhile remains halted by a five week-old machinists strike. A senior Boeing executive said in Paris on Monday that the planemaker would not discuss its own production or delivery plans ahead of its quarterly results on October 22.
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  Mechanics Named In Spanair Air Crash Probe
Posted by akzah on Sunday, October 19 @ 08:00:50 PDT (9742 reads)
Aviation Two mechanics who carried out repair work on a Spanair plane that crashed at Madrid Airport on August 20 killing 154 people are being investigated for manslaughter, a Madrid court spokesman said on Thursday. Data from the Spanair McDonnell Douglas MD-82's flight recorder showed that the aircraft had faulty wing flaps and that the take-off warning system had failed to sound, an initial report by Spain's Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Commission showed. The plane, loaded with 10,130 litres of fuel, shot across 1 km (0.6 miles) of scrub before bursting into flames in Spain's worst aviation disaster since 1983. The mechanics and Spanair's head of maintenance at Madrid Airport will be investigated as part of a probe into the accident set up by a Madrid court to run parallel with operations by the public works ministry, the spokesman said. The investigation is considering possible offenses of 154 cases of manslaughter and 18 of bodily harm due to negligence. Members of the committee investigating the accident will include two pilots, two engineers and two mechanics who specialize in the MD-82.
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